Weekly Recap: Spicy Wings and Peanut Butter Cookies

So many good recipes this week! It’s hard to pick just a couple to share. I think the highlight would have to be wings. I pinned a bunch of wing recipes SO LONG AGO but still hadn’t tried cooking them, which I can’t believe. I used this recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo for Jalepeno Lime Chicken Wings. I used a habanero instead of jalepenos and man was it spicy and so delicious. I have so many habaneros (and jalepenos) in my freezer that I got from my co-worker this summer. I absolutely love having them on hand, and they thaw quickly. We grilled the wings since we’ve been having nicer weather (and added a few other things to the grill too!). We split the sausage link that we got from the farmer’s market and had broccoli on the side. That was the first time we grilled broccoli, and we’ll definitely be grilling it again.


We’re on a roll for trying new fish – might have to try another new one next week. This week we had mahi mahi and used a Maple Cajun recipe found here from All Recipes. We still had cajun seasoning leftover from last week when we made fresh tuna, which worked out perfectly.


We made cooked some sweet potatoes in olive oil and boiled some frozen veggies to go with it. Pretty simple dinner, which is always a plus. The fish was a little more juicy than others, which was a nice mix up. I can’t wait to make mahi mahi tacos soon!


Lastly I made some peanut butter cookies that were incredible. This will definitely be a regular recipe all year round. I have been eating so much cashew butter and almond butter, but I’ve missed peanut butter! And good thing because I bought a bunch of organic peanut butter from Costco. Craig and Marlee love it too… These were Flourless Vegan Peanut Butter Blossoms from Eating Bird Food. I opted for the non-Vegan option and used an egg, and I pressed them down slightly before baking using a parchment paper. I love Enjoy Life chocolate chips and was happy to find a recipe for the chunks because I usually prefer the minis πŸ™‚


Fitness was a bit light this week, which is hopefully a good thing for my knee. I added some additional PT exercises that increased the knee pain some, so after a painful body flow class on Monday I decided to truly take it easy and focus on my recovery. So lots of exercises, stretching, and foam rolling!


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