Weekend Recap: DC & The Caps

We had a great weekend in DC! We got to see family, friends and an awesome hockey game. We left early Sunday to catch brunch with my aunt in Arlington. I had a delicious omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and bacon along with some potatoes and fruit. After that we met up with friends at Churchkey and then moved on to the Iron Horse for the Redskins game. We won’t talk about the Skins’ loss but I have found my new game: shuffle board. So fun! I love when bars have games. I played some skee ball too. From there we went to the Verizon Center for the Caps game.


I won the lottery at work and got amazing tickets in the second row. They were also VIP so we enjoyed some food too. I had a flatbread with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. I had never been to a professional hockey game; there’s so much energy and excitement. We also got to see Ovi score his 500th goal, which was crazy. The place erupted and the game stopped. The team rejoiced together and then Ovi went out on the ice alone (pictures below).



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