Healthy Eats and Adventures in the Snow

We’re snowed in thanks to Winter Storm Jonas! I worked from home on Friday, and it came in strong and snowed until last night with some sleet in between. I did a little bit of baking and cooking and will do some more today.

Yesterday I woke up and made some whole wheat biscuits using this recipe. I used coconut oil instead of butter but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I’ve been trying to eat a bit more balanced, and this was my first time baking with whole wheat flour. They turned out great!


And then we made breakfast biscuits with local eggs and bacon, and a little bit of cheese from Whole Foods. Delicious.


Of course I needed to make something sweet. I wanted chocolate and to try something new, so I found this great recipe for no bake brownie batter using oat flour. It was tough not to eat them all at once!


By the time evening came we wanted to get out, so we decided to make the trek to The Grill, a local bar and grill. It’s about a mile away, and we walk there often. The walk in the snow is a bit more difficult though.. It was great to get a little exercise and see other people! It was packed; I think it was the only place open. We got a couple beers, and I got grilled chicken with brie.


Did you see the icicles at the Grill? We have some major ones at our house too. And Marlee loves the snow! So much fun.


Are you snowed in? Have you ventured out?


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