I’m Anne, and I’m living in Richmond, VA with my boyfriend, Craig, and my dog, Marlee.


I’m passionate about overall wellness, and fitness and food are a big part of that. For me food came first and then fitness. The short story (believe me, it could be much longer than this) is that I had (can I say had now?!) chronic sinusitis and chronic migraine with smouldering headaches. What that meant for me was two sinus surgeries, lots of medicine, and feeling worn down all the time. I had a headache of some degree most days. I searched for answers for a long time, and a doctor at Johns Hopkins recommended the book Heal Your Headache. It felt like the author was writing a case study about me. I learned a lot about migraines, and what resonated most with me was that I can be in control of my headaches based on what I eat. I followed a migraine diet for about six months, which helped, but for me it wasn’t sustainable because it was pretty obscure. My headaches got worse than they’d ever been, so I decided to give paleo a try. I’ve since modified my diet and there’s no label for how I eat now, but I love real, whole foods. I learned so much about real food and how it makes me feel and love learning about nutrition. Most importantly, I feel so much better!!

Fitness came a few months later. I grew up playing soccer, but after high school I didn’t do much to exercise. I played soccer from time to time, toyed with gym memberships and swimming, but nothing consistently. Then I decided to sign up for the Richmond Half Marathon, which I ran in November. Check out the recap here. I used to hate running, and that is probably an understatement. I gave people a hard time for running and tried to convince them not to. Then I watched Craig run the Nashville Marathon earlier in the year, and thought, “I can do this” (about the half – not the full, definitely not there). I love being in shape again and how I feel after I run, and the race was fun!


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