Wintergreen Weekend

Last weekend we had a nice, relaxing trip to Wintergreen. Craig’s dad owns a condo there, so we try to go when it’s not rented in the off season, which works well for us since we don’t ski or snowboard!

We left Friday after work (and brought Marlee), and went to Wild Wolf for dinner. They have a great outside area that allows dogs and they serve local food, which I love. I got a burger with local beef and they make their own buns, and I had their homemade chips on the side. We even caught a little bit of a sunset behind the surrounding mountains.

Saturday morning we got up and made breakfast – sausage, eggs, and sweet potatoes (purple and white). I got ground pork from the farmer’s market and we added spices to make breakfast sausage. I will definitely have to do that more often – so delicious.


Then we ventured out to go on a hike. We chose White Rock Gap, which was about 10 miles from Wintergreen off the Blue Ridge Parkway.We decided to make it a 5 mile hike. It was 1.4 miles to the waterfall and then another mile to the overlook.


The first part of the trail was relatively easy. It was slightly downhill to start. We came to the waterfall and someone had fun running in the water!



After the waterfall it became difficult as it went straight up. Then we finally made it the the overlook! We stopped and for snacks and a little break before turning around to go back. Marlee had so much fun! I can’t decide if she likes hiking or the beach more – she goes crazy for both.


After the hike we went to Bold Rock for drinks and apps. The views are amazing, and their cider is my all time favorite. We got a cheese plate and a pretzel – all local and so good.


On the way back we stopped at Devil’s Backbone for a quick drink then headed back up the mountain. We made pizza for dinner with chicken on top and we had broccoli and carrots on the side. I forgot flour so the dough was hard to work with but fortunately turned out okay. All in all a great weekend, and we will hopefully spend a bunch of time there this summer!


Weekend Recap: DC & The Caps

We had a great weekend in DC! We got to see family, friends and an awesome hockey game. We left early Sunday to catch brunch with my aunt in Arlington. I had a delicious omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and bacon along with some potatoes and fruit. After that we met up with friends at Churchkey and then moved on to the Iron Horse for the Redskins game. We won’t talk about the Skins’ loss but I have found my new game: shuffle board. So fun! I love when bars have games. I played some skee ball too. From there we went to the Verizon Center for the Caps game.


I won the lottery at work and got amazing tickets in the second row. They were also VIP so we enjoyed some food too. I had a flatbread with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. I had never been to a professional hockey game; there’s so much energy and excitement. We also got to see Ovi score his 500th goal, which was crazy. The place erupted and the game stopped. The team rejoiced together and then Ovi went out on the ice alone (pictures below).


Weekend Recap: King’s Arms Tavern

The weekend before Christmas means lots of family time! I had a great time on Saturday with my family, and then on Sunday we were with Craig’s family. They have a tradition of going to dinner at King’s Arms Tavern, which is located in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg.

The restaurant is in an old house with the old time feel. Dinner was by candlelight and the servers were dressed in the garb from colonial times. Beer was served in huge ceramic mugs, which was fun. They had my favorite cider – Bold Rock! Craig and I split their famous peanut soup, and then I had the most delicious salad with toasted almonds and goat cheese. For the main course I got “Hunter’s Game Pye.” Think chicken pot pie except with rabbit, venison, and duck. I ate about half and then took the rest home because it was heavy but so good. We walked around some while we still had some light, and they even had a garden out back!



Weekend Recap: Farmer’s Market and James River Winery

Who would have thought we’d have such warm weather in December? In Richmond it got up to the mid-70s this weekend, which means spending time outside!

Saturday morning we began the day by walking to the St. Stephen’s Farmer’s Market.


Marlee was excited that she got to come too!

It’s a little over a mile from our house, so we got lots of steps in. When we got there Craig and Marlee stayed outside because Marlee gets nervous with new places and new people. The market moves inside for the winter, so this was my first time going inside.


I went to several different tables and ended up getting sweet potatoes, apples, kale, sausage, eggs, and gizzards (for Marlee of course). I love eating local and it’s great having a farmer’s market so close to us!


After the farmer’s market we walked to a restaurant nearby, The Grill. I got scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage, and an english muffin (cheese and english muffin being treats for me). Craig got a sandwich with mac and cheese as a side (his favorite and something we never eat at home). Marlee was exhausted by this point so just laid down or sat next to us the whole time. And then we walked home. A successful morning!


That afternoon we wanted to do something outside to enjoy the weather. I’ve been dying to go on a hike but need to wait until my knee and hip start feeling a bit better. So we settled on a winery (no complaints here). We have a couple in Richmond, one of which is James River Cellars Winery. Neither of us had been before so we went there with a couple friends (and Marlee of course). It’s in Hanover so just a short drive away. The house was super cute where they do tastings and sell the wine. We got a couple glasses while we were there and a couple bottles to take home!

And we caught a sunset on the way out!


Did anyone else spend time outside this weekend?